Beauty Queen Roshi to represent Sri Lanka

She is among the most privileged women in the island right now. Her beauty, talent and passion led her to achieve an outstanding victory in one of the most glorious pageants of all time. She is Roshi Fernando, 1st runners up in the Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. Universe 2016. We had the opportunity to join her for a friendly chat.

Q: Hello, tell us a bit about yourself.

A: I am Roshi Fernando. I studied at the Bishops College Colombo. I’m 25 years old and I have a brother and a sister.

Q: So, What are you engaged in lately?

A: After I became the 1st runners up I received many invitations to join teledramas, films and music videos. These days I am deciding on which I am going to take part in.


Q: So have you confirmed your participation in any drama or film?

A: Yes I have. But I had to hold it for a while since I’ll be flying abroad for few weeks. And I am taking part in a teledrama as well. It will start shooting in the coming month.

Q: Tell us about how you started your carrier?

A: I was interested in becoming a queen since my childhood. I applied for Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World pageant in 2007 and entered final 15. I never gave up on my dream even after getting married. Then I applied for the Mrs. Universe pageant with great confidence and encouragement of my family.


Q: What is your next step?

A: I am working my way to represent Sri Lanka in upcoming Mrs. International Worldwide pageant. It will be held in USA in coming October.

Q: What are you planning to do in the future?

A: My main scope is to build up a strong personality and a stable identity in the society which people recognize me as not just a model but a philanthropist.

I have established a charity foundation. I am helping people in need.

In the future, I will be seen on the silver screen and TV as an actress.


Q: What sort of projects have you done so far through the charity foundation?

A: Well, it is not yet recognized island wide, but we help needy families and children in some parts of the country. We have a coir factory under the care of our foundation. There are about 15 families working in it and we mainly focus on their needs and expenses.

Q: Who supported you to come this far?

A: Firstly, I would like to mention my husband, my family and my husband’s family. They are the strength behind my success. I specially thank my husband’s sister who always helps me with beauty tips and fashion.

We wish her all the very best to represent Sri Lanka and win the most prestigious crown in the world at Mrs. International Worldwide pageant in USA.



Lakna Marasinghe

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