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කදුල ඉතින් සමා වෙයන්

අපි වෙන්වෙමු අද හවසට

මගේ ගෙපැලට ඇය එනවා

සිරි යහනේ තනි රකින්න

With his glamorous voice he stays in lots of hearts in a very special way. As a singer and a musician Keerthi Pasquel has been performing more than three decades with receiving many accolades. Keerthi is the founder of the ‘Pasquel Sound of Music’ and ‘Trinity academy’ music schools. Keerthi has also won many awards in Sri Lanka and some international awards too. He is the present chairperson of Sri Lankan Singers Association.

He has been involved many charity projects. Keerthi organized many musical shows, dramas, films and amateur talent shows for the lesser fortunate.

Keerthi Pasquel is a very simple and amiable person in the personal life as well as in the field.


Hello Keerthi how are you doing these days?

I’m doing well, thank you. These days I spend a lot of my time towards the work of Sri Lankan Singers Association of which I was recently appointed Chairperson. The regular committee meetings and implementation of many novel ideas of the Association keeps me very busy. I’m Chairperson for the next two years and I take my role very seriously and intend to make drastic changes for the benefit of all Artists. Apart from the work for the Association, I still engage in musical shows and other events on invitation both in Sri Lanka and overseas. But no matter how tight my schedule is, I always make time for my new creations which is an ongoing effort in my musical career. I make sure to utilize this talent bestowed on me by God, to entertain and bring joy to my fans all over the world.

As a singer & a musician you have been performed more than 30 years . So we like to know about the beginning of this long journey .Can you talk about your roots,  When did you develop an interest and passion towards music ?

I was born and bred in Kandy. I’m a product of Dharmaraja College Kandy. I was not forced by my parents to follow in their paths or to follow a career of their choice. Instead I followed my heart and my passion and started my professional career in Music in the 1970’s as Bass Guitarist. The first band I joined was “Galaxies”. And later joined “Fortunes” led by late Mr. Stanley Peiris. Now I’m the leader of the band “Super Fortunes”. However, my career took a different turn in 1982 when my first song “Neela Ahase” was produced, and from then to now I have not stopped creating new songs for the listening pleasure of my fans.


You are a singer & a musician .How do you describe yourself as a person as well as an artist?

First and foremost I consider myself a humble human being. I believe I was born with this talent for a purpose. We are all on this earth to serve some purpose and I try my best to serve mine. Music is my passion and it is what I know to do best. I utilize all my time, and effort to do something different and please my many fans around the globe. I’m a person who started with nothing and no references, so I know how hard it is to get to where I am today. I’m proud of my past as much as I’m proud of what I have achieved for myself thus far. While enjoy every bit of stardom and popularity, not to mention the overwhelming love from fans of all ages, I try to keep myself as humble as I can and make use of every opportunity to do charity projects to give back to the society that made me who I am today.

Staying in a same place in the music field more than 30 years is not easy it’s a special talent. How do you describe it?

Simplicity is the key. I keep my life, my music and my career simple. I always keep myself occupied with my work. I make sure I don’t get distracted by things that don’t add to my music life. I learn from my audiences and take the cue from them to identify what my next move should be. When you learn to go with the flow of your beloved fans you’re always in their hearts. Where my music is concerned, I consider myself lucky for being able to continuously produce music that my audience loves and holds dear to their hearts.


Most of your songs became very famous very fast.is there any special thing you think before you choose songs?

As I mentioned earlier, simplicity is the key to success. Through God’s grace I’m blessed with a musical voice and through sheer luck I have managed to produce music that captures the hearts of my audience and identifying the music that they love, I continue to make new creations without much deviation from the kind of music that I’m identified with. Almost all of my songs which gained popularity has a storyline or meaning close to our hearts. That combined with the soothing music my audience loves could be the reason why.

Do you like to talk about one of your favorite songs at this moment?

Personally I like all my songs. To select a favorite is like to decide which child you love the most. Therefore I will answer your question in a different manner. Let me talk about the most popular songs among my audience. The longest standing most popular songs of mine are “Sanda Latha” and “Bolanda Katha Kiyala”. No matter where I go I get requests to perform these songs. However, in the recent past “Kandula Ithin Samaa Weyan” and “Thawa Dawasak” also gained massive popularity.

What are you working on these days? Do you have any new songs to release in near future?

Music creation is an ongoing thing for me. As I told you earlier, no matter how busy my schedule gets I make sure I allocate time for new creations. I have my own solos as well as duets with peers & upcoming new Artists. I regularly produce new songs, but only a few of them actually are aired through public media. It’s a different ballgame nowadays to have a song aired in media. Unlike in the 70’s, 80’s and even the early 90’s these days airing a new song in media is very hard work and costs a lot of money not to mention the special contacts one needs to make it happen. Therefore I opt to release my own CD’s from time

Can you talk a little about your musical shows you held in other countries.

Musical shows overseas are a different experience altogether. It’s such a pleasure to entertain audiences so far away from home and the love & response I receive is immeasurable. I frequently get invited for shows in the Middle East held for our massive working force there. I have also had very successful shows in Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, UK etc. with all full house audiences. I’m scheduled for a few shows in the UK, Australia and probably in Canada for 2016.

We know that you are the founder of “Pasquel Sound of Music” & “Trinity Academy of Music” schools. Can you say something about it.

Pasquel Sound of Music is a music school I started in 2006 and its more for pleasure than learning for exams. I have students from little children to senior citizens. I conduct guitar, singing and personal voice training classes by myself and I have a team of qualified teachers for a range of musical instrument teaching and special voice training classes as well. It’s located on Malwatta Road in Kohuwela. Trinity Academy of Music was more recently established a few years ago, and is located in Longdon Place. Music education is more formal there; basic teaching that extends up to Diploma level and emphasize more on Trinity examination qualifications.

We heard you are doing many charity projects  for kids. Can you say something about your projects toward it?

Yes, I try to involve myself with as many charity projects as I can, and I have done many programs for children. I conducted music lessons for children at Vajira Shri Children’s Home. I have held shows for the charity of “The Child” Foundation, Tsunami-affected families, Dharmaraja College etc. As time permits I also conduct music programs for orphans, the elderly as well as for children with Downs Syndrome and similar mental disorders. These are little things I can do to give back to the society and I don’t hesitate whenever I have the time.

As the final question Keerthi can you share your near future aspirations and plans with us?

I’m very much engaged with the Sri Lankan Singers Association and wish to make good things happen to help fellow Artists. For us Musicians, there is no place to fall once our musical career is over. I personally know and associate many Artists who gave all they had in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but now they go through so much hardship in life and nobody even remembers them. Some don’t have a place to live or money to buy essential medicines etc. It’s a pathetic situation. I’m very keen to start a Trust Fund so that we can help those Artists in need. To offer a health insurance, a pension after retirement, assist with finances for serious medical conditions, financial help for funerals of Artists, etc are few benefits we are looking at. Therefore I’m fully occupied with fund raising events for the Trust Fund. The Association is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in January 2016 and I’m coordinating probably the biggest musical extravaganza in the history of Sri Lankan Music to commemorate this event with over 100 artists performing on one stage representing different eras as far back as the 1960’s. The show is scheduled for 31st January 2016 at BMICH. Apart from that, I have my classes, the musical shows & events and of course the role as Judge of Derana Dream Star Season 7 due to begin in 2016. It’s a busy & hectic life, but I keep myself aloof from the chaos and enjoy my life with my family as much as with my fans and my music.

Thank you Boston Lanka for giving me the opportunity to connect with my audience in  USA, and I wish to send my fans over there my love & and respect for being with me throughout my career supporting and encouraging everything I do.

Article by Nathasha Kannangara

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